Nutrigo Lab Burner

Ultimate Fat Burning, High Quality Food Supplement

  • ✅Stimulates fat reduction1
  • ✅Inhibits the synthesis of fats2
  • ✅Supports the metabolism1,3
  • ✅Supports weight control4
  • ℹ️ Manufacturer information: 1 Due to the content of Bitter Orange, 2 Due to the content of Hydroxycitric Acid from Garcinia Cambogia Extract, 3 Due to the content of Curcuma Longa, 4 Due to the content of Black Pepper
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Nutrigo Lab Burner is a dietary supplement aimed at people who want to lose weight and model their figure. The product contains 6 components that are classified as natural adipose tissue reduction. The Nutrigo Lab Burner supplement is particularly recommended for athletes who want to get rid of excess pounds at the express speed and show their muscles. Nutrigo Lab Burner helps to reduce body fat and prevents its formation. Regular use of the capsules will help reduce appetite and maintain normal blood sugar levels. The effectiveness of the preparation is mainly supported by the component SINETROL Xpur, which increases the rate of release of fatty acids and glycerine. It is noteworthy that the formula of the supplement was developed exclusively on the basis of natural plant extracts and minerals, which makes the preparation safe for the body.  show more details